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Hi, I’m Corey Mack. I’m an entrepreneur and adviser living and working in Los Angeles.

Corey Mack helps firms and founders embrace the spirit of innovation. Every project he engages involves emerging tech, a blend of art, design, & the humanities, and is based on sustainable business practices.

He got his start working in the community by teaching students about hydrogen fuel cells and robotics at an inner-city high school in Upstate-NY while pursuing his engineering degree.

From there, he expanded his love of sharing his knowledge about technology and business by advising friends and companies about new ventures while maturing his own business ideas.

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Today he is the CEO and Head of Design at LAFORGE Optical, a start-up that designs connected eyewear for connected people. The eyewear features augmented reality and AI while being stylish, simplifying your life, and use transparent pricing. In his spare time he advises companies and inspires crowds the world over.