When: 07.2012 to 10.2012
Who: Corey Mack
Role: Designer & Product Developer
Where: Rochester, NY & Toronto, ON


ValenceOS is the framework for operating system for a product I was developing while at MACOM. Valence was to be Linux-based and would control a variety of sensors embedded in modular walls units of a structure. It allowed a user to control lighting, sound, and various electronics that were plugged into the walls. It used the gyro, GPS, and accelerometers in a mobile device, such as an iPad, to determine what room the user was in as well as the user’s orientation in that room. This meant that the user interface updates in real time changing the size of the room, name of the room and electronic peripherals that would be displayed on the screen as a user walked into a room. The user interface from ValenceOS later became the interface in the developer kit for the Mirage Project.