The College Driver

When: 08.2008 to 06.2010
Who:Corey Mack, Zeid Nasser, Nick Quaranto
Role: Co-Creator & Creative Director
Where: Rochester, NY
Status: Project Complete. Corey to leave in 2010 took focus on his last year of study at RIT. Corey formally left in late 2012 to work on the Mirage project


The idea for The College Driver was one I had during my freshman year at RIT. I wondered why there were no real shopping resources for younger auto buyers. A few years later when I had the time and met Zeid we decided to tackle that problem. Zeid would focus more on the journalistic standards of the site where as I was there to take a look at it from a business perspective. We solicited Nick’s help to get the basic site up and going. Nick was an early proponent of Ruby on Rails (RoR) so that is what we decided to go with. The initial result was a smooth running and easy to operate website. Within the three months of launch we grew our audience to over 20,000 unique visitors. At that point the site was more focused on crowd-sourced reviews than anything. With slow up-take on crowd-sourcing reviews we decided to change formats and focus more on automotive news and self made reviews.

The College Driver’s first debut auto show coverage event was at the 2009 North American International Auto show. We experimented with a couple of video reviews and broadcast shows to be shown on Time Warner. Two Pilot episodes were produced but never aired. The College Driver is still operating but will soon be replaced a new site with a different name.

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