Keychain Light

When: 12.2010 to 2.2011
Course: Product Development
Who: Brendan Galin, Corey Mack, Zeid Nasser, Okechukwu Onwubu, William Warren
Where: Rochester, NY


Purpose: Develop a novelty device that can be given to prospective student’s parents to show the RIT MMET department’s capabilities.Though initially the group leaned towards Concept Y, we opted for another concept since it was thicker, provided more room for the electronics, and because one team member wanted some experience with mold making. More details on Concept Y are provided in the presentation below.

Design: A thin form factor with beveled edges that is comfortable to wear in one’s pocket. Features no moving parts, light is activated by amplifying the current flow across one’s finger within the device (Darlington Pair).

Improvements: A less expensive chassis with a smoother surface finish. The resistive touch terminals could be replaced with resistive touch pad, to lower costs and prevent metal objects from turning on light.