APQ Logo

When: 12.2010
Who: Corey Mack
Where: Pristina, Kosovo
Status: Project Complete


Agon Nixha and Adnan Hoxha created the idea for APQ which is a private trash recycling company in Kosovo. Since there were no existing recycling companies in the country, it was decided that we would use the Albanian words for “Aluminum, Plastic and Glass” or “Alumini Plastike Qelqi” and thus ‘APQ’ was born. The colors were simple yet meaningful. Grey for aluminum, transparent blue for plastic (though plastic can be any color), and transparent green for glass. The font type used was Dubtronic. I decided to use this font after seeing it on buttons for a “get out the vote” campaign while in was in Kosovo. At the time I was in Kosovo the country was having its first elections.