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Mirage Phase I
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What it is?

Mirage is a projects consisting of three parts SPEKS, KASE, and an SDK.


Saccadic Parsing & Embedded Kinematics System

SPEKS is the hardware device that the user will be wearing around his or head during game play. It is essentially an I/O device consisting of antennae, microcontroller, battery, light pipes, a projection system and 4 cameras (two forward facing and two downward facing). Below are the functions and intended uses of SPEKS.

  • a  hardware device that acts as augmented reality portal
  • an object recognition device
  • meant for in home or arena play
  • a combination of hardware and software
  • device only directly communicates with KASE


Kinematic & Aesthetic Sensor Emulator: 

KASE is essentially the brain of the whole system. KASE features a powerful processor, antennae, memory, and inputs for AC power, thunderbolt, USB, and HDMI. KASE takes packets of data, such as angular velocity, elevation, images, from SPEKS a processes them into inputs that a game system will understand and use. At the same time, KASE also takes outputs from a game system that would normally go to a TV and processes through an Image Replacement System.

In the Image Replacement System 2D images from the games system are altered to display as stereoscopic images when KASE outputs them onto its lenses. The Image Replacement System also overlays graphics on these images to account for visual obstructions, similar to the way digital matting and compositing work. Below are the functions and intended uses of KASE.

  • negates the need for TV or other display for gameplay
  • is where all the image and signal processing occurs
  • games system will ‘see’ device a game controller input and display output
  • a combination of hardware and software
  • device only directly communicates with SPEKS and game system
  • device can also charge multiple SPEKS glasses at a time

SDK (ValenceOS)

The software development kit, borrows the interface and some of the functionality from the ValenceOS project. Though KASE will be able to handle most of the 2D to 3D conversion and image replacement tasks, the SDK will allow game developers of existing games to optimize gameplay when using SPEKS. For new game developers, it will also allow them to optimize gameplay of next generation games, but also allow them to sell directly to gamers through a web store.

The SDK is not a gaming or coding platform meant to replace other existing software, but rather a group of tools that allows developers to tweak our code and extract high quality immersive gaming experiences.





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SISDisplay’s Projection Films (we will use the front projection most likely): http://www.ssidisplays.com/rear-projection-film

Acrolite Contact Info (do not contact yet): http://www.photonics.com/Company.aspx?CompanyID=132

Optic Lenses: http://www.edmundoptics.com/optics/optical-lenses/

Micro Displays: http://www.kopin.com/commercial-display-products/


Competition: http://www.mygoldeni.com/



Open Source Plugins for 3D Modeling A.R.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=X9Z0lNruz1k&NR=1

Nice place to purchase FPGA’s on the cheap (looks questionable, but actually very reliable): http://www.knjn.com/

More info



– Set up a BOM
– This includes primarily the miniLCD screen costs, the standard small LCD screens, SSIDisplay screens and film cost, FPGA w/ Arm processor costs (I’ll through a few your way to help).
– The most important cost is not written here, which will be the fiber-optics, but a little work needs to be done before we call them up.
– Do a patent search on fiber-optic projection and anything having to do with imaging and fiber-optics.
– See if you can get with that wierd dude from Kodak to discuss patentability, ect.
– If you look at the last email I sent out about this project you’ll find a list of links to help get you started.

– First, I’ll get a listing of fiber-optic bundle densities that we will be interested in for Corey to price up.
– I will research more on the video processing and other technical side of this project.



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