about me

Hello, Nice to Meet You…

Corey Mack

This site was created by Corey Mack, an entrepreneur, creative technologist, and designer, who is working in Los Angeles, CA. Now let me stop writing in the third person and share a little more about myself.

Home Town: Greensboro, NC
Current Town: San Mateo, CA
Age: 27
Education: RIT ’11 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Technology
Minor: Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation
Concentration: Film

Design Philosophy


 “The best design is honest, and it creates forms through anomalies and nuances”

I have been a minimalist most of my life. I have found myself always trying to reduce the complexity of a design or idea by combining multiple functions or tasks; this creates what I call “simplified sophistication”. When it comes to design I feel the same way. I am not not a fan of gaudy or over-complicated product designs and as such I have a feeling that every design element must have a purpose. I am a fan of repeated shapes and forms because of their benign efficiencies. That being said, you’d think that I’m not a fan of organic shapes and forms, but to the contrary I am. I draw a lot inspiration from nature and the various relationships it creates. For instance, water is one of nature’s most fascinating form:function relationships. Clear yet reflective. Smooth and soothing while being powerful and erosive.Whatever the case, nature is always a good place to look for minimalist form:function relationships.

Most the projects that are on this site represent efforts at solving a problem. Most of which only made it to concept phase but some of my latest projects have turned into real world devices or businesses that have added to the economy or learning. Though I am relatively new to design and engineering, I am still willing to take chances, challenge conventional wisdom, and explore new methods. Currently, I am making a shift away from doing projects that are purely mechanical. I have been injecting a sense of the humanities and modern electronics into more of my new projects. I feel that if we, as designers and engineers, can start to reflect more of a sense of emotion, culture, and sustainable purpose into our efforts, we will have made better contributions as custodians of the Earth.



“Life is more about depth than perception”

My Process

When working on projects I tend to follow the same process. The reason I do this, is that it adds a level of predictability and consistency. Design is an iterative process that undergoes many cycles before a final tangible product  put out to review. In the ideation phase, many ideas are put forward and ones that everyone agrees are not feasible, build no sustainable excitement, or are “me too” items are considered ‘vapor wear’ and are thrown out. Conceptualization begins, with a series of sketches and meetings to determine what the is and what it may look like. In this phase, we refine the idea by improving on its business and aesthetic merits. We determine the basic business model, target models, and creat sample creative and 3d models.Proofs of concept are also created  so that we can begin to realize to the potential, parameters, and constraints of the concept.  Fancy techniques and expensive materials take a back seat to ingenuity and clever problem solving  They often look nothing like design concepts or the final product, but they are some of the most important things that are created in the process. In short, they can help you realize what parts of the concept are red herring. Next we prototype. We scale up the function-ability of the proof of concept and begin to make something that more closely resembles the final product. Basic tests are performed, specs are made, and material selection begins. The final phase is one of reflection. The group will ask if what was created fits their needs, what features need to be changed or removed completely. The goal of reflection is to determine if we need to go back re-evaluate the project or push for additional resources to produce a better prototype or final product.